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Double Run Brokerage, Inc.
Double Run Brokerage, Inc.
Double Run Brokerage, Inc.

Our History


Ray Martin began driving 10 wheeler for a local grain dealer in 1985. In 1991 he purchased and drove his first truck and dump trailer and drove for a trucking company in Terre Hill, PA hauling stones to the shore and sand back east. After driving for the company for several years he then started trucking for himself.

In 1997 a partnership was formed and Double Run Carriers was founded. The Double Run name was chosen because Ray and his partner both lived on roads with the word “Run” in the road name.

In 2000 the partnership was dissolved and Ray became the sole proprietor of Double Run Carriers. The company became incorporated in 2005 and also started a second company called Double Run Brokerage, Inc..

Today Double Run Carriers, Inc. owns and operates 8 trucks and has 8 full time drivers for these trucks. Along with 3 office personnel. Double Run Brokerage, Inc. is a brokerage company that coordinates work for 24 full time and 6 part time drivers. Many of these drivers own and operate their own truck.